Cremation Services

Cremation Options

For Families Who Choose Cremation.

Because we own and operate our own crematory on site, you have the peace of mind in knowing your loved one stays in our care throughout the entire process. You may even choose to be present at the cremation if you desire.

It’s important to know that there is no such thing as a “typical” cremation. Memorialization is a meaningful way to commemorate and reflect the life that has been lived.

Choices available to you include:

Visitation & Ceremony

This is open to anyone who wishes to attend, it’s an opportunity for friends to express support and pay tribute. It can be religious, secular, or contemporary.

Private Viewing

This is for designated family members to say a final good-bye. It encourages a healthy expression of grief, can honor the preferences of the deceased, and provides opportunity to bid farewell.

Private Viewing & Ceremony

The attendance is at your request; it can be religious, secular, or contemporary.

Memorial Ceremony

It allows for family and friends to share memories and also display photos and personal mementos. The urn can be present and the service can be religious, secular, or contemporary.

Cremation opens up many meaningful ways to commemorate your loved one. For example, the remains can be retained in a beautiful personalized urn, buried in the ground, or enclosed in a columbarium niche or mausoleum, or scattered in a place that has special meaning.

Other unique options include having the cremated remains incorporated into a living ocean reef, placed in lockets and other jewelry, or made into a brilliant gemstone.

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